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    Gold in the data "Thar's gold in them thar hills!" That's what the old-time miners and read on

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    This video walks through the simple installation and setup of DataHub WebView, from connecting to a data source to viewing and editing on the web.

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    This article will look at how tunneling solves the issues associated with DCOM, and shows you what to look for in an OPC tunneling product.

    Since OPC was introduced over ten years ago, it has seen a steady rise in popularity within the process control industry. Using OPC, automation professionals can now select from a wide range of client applications to connect to their PLCs and hardware devices. The freedom to choose
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    The Cogent DataHub can query any ODBC compliant database, and bring the data back as DataHub points, or into a single point in XML format for use in DataHub WebView.

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    To minimize this risk and ensure the highest possible availability, mission-critical systems often use redundancy. What does redundancy look like in an OPC-based system?

    Early one morning, Mel Farnsworth was sitting in the control booth at the Hardy Automotive Parts assembly line ...
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    This video introduces a basic understanding of launching DataHub WebView, generating simulated real-time process data and using controls and symbols to represent real-world scenarios.

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    The Cogent DataHub can be installed as a service, using the Service Manager. With this program you can select and configure how the DataHub runs, change its status, and open the Properties window of the Cogent DataHub.